Our prophet

This is one of my poems that I wrote about the prophet
and relly affected me
( صلى الله عليه وسلم )

A person has chosen from the sky
ordered to teach Islam pure without a lie
three years he kept as a secret,to few he past it by
until the day has come and to people had clarify

A person has stood by Islam without complains
liar , wicked he was called and other names
but by supplication to Allah he obtains
therefore he was the strongest , although he was in pains

A person has lighted our ways with Qur'an
"filled us with strong faith known " Al eman
in every people's chest , his name retain
to all Muslim's heart he maintain

A person has chosen to be the final
to Allah , and all Muslims he was the ideal
rest in peace now prophet , you have the greatest people
take no insult , neither from Denmark nor any silly idle

O , Prophet

O , Muhammad
The world means nothing without you
I sacrifice my soul to you prophet

Lord have mercy upon all Muslims

I hope u all like it